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When you need roof repairs, refurbishment or installation, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible job done. Nobody wants to pay over the odds and get a low-quality job on their roof. That’s going to cost you more money in the long run. 

Here at Protech Roofing, we’ve got over 24 years of experience in the roofing industry. In this time, we’ve built our reputation as one of the best quality and cost-effective commercial roofing companies in Leeds and Greater Manchester. Take a look at some of our case studies to see some of the commercial roofing projects that we’ve completed in the past, and more.  We’re proud of what we do, and we strive to complete the best work possible on every job. 

All of the services we provide are kept up to date with all the latest developments in industry standards and regulations. We’re also always working to use the newest technology available to us, making sure that you receive the highest quality product and service available.

As our reputation has grown, we’ve accumulated a number of accreditations from leading bodies in the roofing industry, such as CHAS and NFRC. We’re proud of this, and see it as proof of our hard work over the years. We’re also approved contractors for Sarnafil and PDT, and in 2017, we were awarded the best refurbishment award by the SPRA (Single Ply Roofing Association). 

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve been recognised for the excellent work we’ve done. When you choose Protech, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands for all of your commercial roofing needs in Leeds, Greater Manchester and the Yorkshire area.

Single Ply Waterproofing

Single ply waterproofing is a very popular flat roofing solution. The membrane used is durable and resistant to weather, tears and punctures, while still being incredibly lightweight. It’s fast and simple to install, making it a very cost-effective method. 

Why choose Protech for your single ply waterproofing company? Well, we have an excellent record and a brilliant attitude. We’ve gained a reputation for our commercial roofing services in Leeds, Greater Manchester and the Yorkshire area, leading us to take part in prestigious projects across the North of England. Recently, we won a national award for our re-roofing of Kirkgate Market in Leeds

We have an excellent relationship with Sika Sarnafil, having delivered tens of thousands of metres of the Sika Sarnafil ply waterproofing material over the years. We’re also approved installers of Bauder and IKO single ply systems, allowing us to provide clients with the very best commercial roofing on the market.

Hot Melt Waterproofing

Hot melt waterproofing is currently a very fashionable and popular solution for commercial flat roofing projects. It works exceptionally well alongside green roofing and living gardens, as well as areas with high footfall. It provides exceptional waterproofing, fire resistance and flexibility. A prominent feature is their ability to self-heal minor cuts and tears due to its ‘live’ membrane. 

Why choose Protech for your hot melt waterproofing? When GMI (Leeds) needed to fashion a living garden landscape on Wellington Street in Leeds city centre, they came to us. We were able to waterproof the car park roof and provide city centre landscaping during a period of busy construction. With our hard work and determination, we were able to install and finish this commercial roofing project in Leeds in just three weeks!

Pitched Roofing

We’re specialists in slating and tiling here at Protech Roofing. The expert team here are experienced in taking on both refurbishment and new pitched roofing projects in and around the Leeds area. When constructed properly, pitched roofing has an excellent lifespan, is durable to the weather, and can often last much longer than flat roofing. They’re also popular because of their natural aesthetic, which allows the roofing to be blended against the rest of the building, offering a sense of character and personality. 

Why choose Protech for your pitched roofing? We’re at the forefront of pitched roofing, overtaking our competitors to take on large slate projects that also require additional services. We install a number of different kinds of slate such as Welsh, Spanish, Burlington and York slates. 

Between September 2017 and June 2019 we worked on the roof of Heartspace University in Sheffield. It was a specialist commercial roofing project in the heart of Yorkshire including removal and refixing of over 2500m2 of traditional Westmoreland and Welsh slate. 

Bitumen Membrane Systems

Bitumen Membrane Systems are a traditional roofing system that has remained popular over the years. It’s excellent for roofs with concrete decking, plywood or metal. It’s easy to install, durable, versatile and affordable. 

Protech Roofing installs modern torch-on felt roofing, as well as felt made from fibreglass, cellulose and bitumen. We’re experts on bitumen roofing, and we’re the best commercial roofers in the Leeds, Greater Manchester and entire North West area to help you decide which roofing solution is best for your project.

Lead Work

Lead roofing work is fantastic for slating and tiling systems: it’s durable and holds up brilliantly against the weather. Those who say that leadwork has a short life-span have unfortunately probably experienced poor craftsmanship!

Protech’s commercial roofing experts know exactly how to apply leadwork and ensure that installation is smooth and easy. We’re attentive and make sure there are no problems to crop up further down the line.

Green Roofs & Landscaping 

Green roofs, also known as eco-roofs or sedum roofs, are a beautiful way to add a touch of nature to an urban skyline and make your building stand out with a unique landscaped design. They have also become popular because they help reduce flooding and maintain biodiversity here in the UK. We have become leaders in green roof installation in Greater Manchester and Leeds due to our quality service and care for the environment. 

Aluminium Fascias 

We think aluminium fascias are an excellent addition to any roof. They’re easy and quick to install, and they are brilliant at keeping pests away because it’s difficult for them to chew through. They’re durable, provide waterproofing, are fireproof, environmentally friendly and are low cost and maintenance. 

Planned Maintenance

We’ve got over 25 years of experience in this industry, and that’s how we know that commercial roofing projects do not stop after installation. Here at Protech Roofing, we’ve managed to build a great reputation by offering support and maintenance to keep our roofs in top condition after installation. When roofing problems are ignored they get worse, meaning that damage can spread to other parts of the building. The sooner you deal with these issues, the more money you’ll save. 


How is it that Protech can recommend and supply a combination of commercial roofing services that’s perfect for your needs, every time? We undertake detailed surveying, testing and analysis of your building before we begin. Our drone surveys allow us to identify what repairs and maintenance you need, as well as make recommendations for refurbishment. This way, we can get a comprehensive look at your roof, and assess which commercial roofing system implementations will work well for you. 

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