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Bitumen Membrane Systems

This traditional roofing system has stood the test of time and remains an excellent solution for use on roofs with concrete decking, as well as warm roofs with concrete, plywood, or metal decks. The experts at Protech Roofing are the best people to advise you on which bitumen membrane roofing solution is the most suitable for your projects, so you can maximise on your investment.

Your roofing bitumen membrane options

Protech Roofing stays on top of the latest innovations, meaning we install modern torch-on felt roofing systems as well as felt made from materials like fibreglass, cellulose and bitumen. The suitability of each type depends on your individual needs.

Why choose bitumen membrane?

Choosing the best roofing for your building is not a task that should be taken lightly. Like with all of our roofing systems, bitumen membrane could be the perfect solution for your project due to the wide array of benefits it has. They are:

●    Easy to apply – it is a fuss-free solution and modern Systems no longer require workers to bind the layers together, this makes it a quick and efficient process.
●    No weather dependent installation – some roofing systems require a particular weather condition for perfect installation, we can install bitumen membrane in all weathers.
●    Durable – bitumen membrane roofing is known for its long lifespan. It isn’t affected by UV rays or hot sunlight, and is extremely resistant to wind and rain. It is sturdy, so there is no need to worry about falling twigs, debris or branches piercing the felt. If necessary, you can walk on it.
●    Value for money – the long lifespan, durability and strength that bitumen membrane offers makes it extremely cost-effective. It is also low maintenance, meaning once you’ve invested you won’t be required to spend much extra money on upkeep.
●    Versatile – can be made to fit many different styles of roof including curved, pitched or flat roofs.

When your bitumen membrane roof is applied correctly by expert roofers, the quality of your roof will increase tenfold. Working with an expert roofing company means you also benefit from years of industry experience.

We can provide you with the best roofing solution for your project after a short analysis of your specific situation. We have access to supplies from the leading manufacturers, including Bauder and IKO, and can tailor our service to you.