Protech Roofing are proud to announce that we have been nominated for 2 awards at the 2020 NRFC Roofing Awards ceremony in London in October.

The Multi Discipline Project for Heartspace University in Sheffield and The Hot Applied Liquid Waterproofing project for Benson House in Leeds are the categories we have been nominated for.

Please keep posted for future developments regarding this exciting news………..


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The Protech Roofing team have been working closely with the Graham Group in restoring the old roof coverings at Primark in Southend.

We are currently replacing the existing roof coverings with 1700m2 of the new Sikabit felt system from Sika Sarnafil which is really giving  a great new look.

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This is Josh Tickhill from Interserve collecting the £50 prize on behalf of Senior site manager Branden Palmer for winning our first football raffle of this season, congratulations Branden.


The Protech Roofing team keeping busy on this project in Hyde with the restoration of rooflights and Sika Sarnafil on the bays to give this a clean new slick look.


The Protech Roofing team are working safely on this refurbishment project at the Leeds University Creative Arts Building with George Downing Construction laying a new Bauder Total Roofing System over 7 roofs and 1000m2 to help keep this building watertight for years to come.


In high rise urban areas across the UK, green spaces are becoming harder and harder to come by – increasingly, green spaces are being replaced with more and more concrete buildings which disrupt the biodiversity and natural habitats that once inhabited these areas, both of which are leading causes of global warming. In recent times, however, there has been an intensive green roof drive which has seen companies opting for green roof designs on top of their buildings. A knock-on effect of this has been the improvement in green roof technology and green roof installation. A well-designed roof garden and good green infrastructure come with numerous benefits, which we’ll look to explore in today’s blog. From creating a new built environment that is a healthy habitat for wildlife to offering businesses costs savings on their energy consumption – green roofs keep everyone happy!

Financial Benefits Of Green Roofs

There are a huge array of long-term financial benefits to undergoing a green roof project, not just for the individual business but for the wider society that it lives and works among.

This would be due to cleaner air, fewer greenhouse gases & airborne particles and overall improved air quality. These benefits should encourage owners and directors to pursue at least a green roof element to their building. Green roof technology has the potential to reduce the cost of energy consumption and lead to overall energy savings for a business. Why? Well quite simply, green roof surfaces have fantastic insulating qualities which protect it from sunlight and cold air. In the long run, businesses can expect to use less air conditioning and reduce their heating bills with a green roof. Green roof technology will boost your property’s energy efficiency and save you money.

The popularity and increase in green roof research, green roof technology and green roof designs have proven quite lucrative in terms of increasing property value. This increase is due to energy savings and other thermal benefits, but also the fact that green roofs are generally rather beautiful to look at and if they’re converted into a roof garden may become an attractive quality that a future buyer of the property may be looking for in a built-up area.

Long term, it’s been noted that green roof technology can increase the roof lifespan too, compared to traditional roofing techniques, thus saving you money on constant roof maintenance. This is due in part to the thermal performance, energy conservation and sound insulation that green roof technology offers. Temperature differentials (the difference between summer temperatures and winter temperatures) are known to cause significant contractions and expansion on a standard roof which drastically shortens its lifespan when compared to green roofs.

An indirect financial benefit of an extensive green roof is the image that it projects to potential customers. More and more people are looking to shop more consciously and spend money on products and services that come from companies that understand their environmental impact. So, undergoing a green roof project will show that you and your business care about the environment and are willing to invest in making your property more energy-efficient to be kinder to the environment. This, in all likelihood, can lead to higher sales if enough people know about the green roof project.

Work Environments Within Buildings Could Be Improved By Green Roofs

In a competitive workplace where people change jobs more often than ever, being a company that can offer, as well as an appropriate financial package, exciting and original perks that a new employee might be attracted to is vital. Having an extensive green roof on top of your property and then converting that to a roof garden would be a great way of attracting talent to your company. In a built-up area like London, Manchester or Liverpool offering employees the ability to escape from the office and head on up to a beautiful roof garden, that’s in good condition, for a moment to reflect, meet or just get away from it all is a great head turner when you’re hiring.

While many buildings are starting to opt for green roof technology, it is by no means the majority so what you would be offering is a rare benefit. There is a growing body of research that suggests having the option of dedicated outdoor spaces (such as rooftop gardens) has a positive effect on employee wellbeing.

Boosts Biodiversity and Other Ecological Benefits

An extensive green roof, green infrastructure or just a green corridor on your property can drastically improve biodiversity. Planted roofs will cater to a variety of species and are an opportune way for your business to do its bit for wildlife. Green roof installation can be done with other local biodiversity action plans in mind, making your green roof as effective as possible. A good example is in London, where the conservation of a once endangered rare species, the Black Redstart, has been accredited to the increase of green roof technology in the City.

Green roofs can also absorb nasty things like carbon dioxide and pollutants that cause climate change as vegetation on rooftop gardens binds toxic particles and dust together to help filter out smog. Further, nitrates and harmful materials are absorbed by plants and are filtered out to help improve local air quality for both humans and animals.

More Sustainable Drainage System

Built-up areas almost always rely on man-made drainage systems. These are built to drain away excess rainwater (which is needed more often than we’d like in this country!) and prevent localised flooding. However, a population that continues to grow coupled with climate change has meant that the usual drainage system just isn’t cutting it, especially on a conventional roof. Opting for green roof installation adds an extra drainage layer and other waterproofing membranes. Your brand new green roof system will be able to store rainwater and disperse that back into the atmosphere. This simple action alone has a hugely positive effect on reducing peak flow rates, mitigating storm-water runoff and reducing the rate of rainwater runoff compared to a conventional roof.

How Protech Roofing’s Green Roof Technology Can Help With Your Next Green Roof Project Or Rooftop Garden

Here at Protech Roofing, we have over 24 years of experience in the roofing industry. Through hard work and quality roof installation, we have built up a reputation as a premier roof installation company. We also build connections with leading suppliers across the globe that provide us with the best materials that benefit you and your industrial property, commercial property or office building.

If you’re a business in Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, the surrounding areas of the North West or anywhere else in the UK looking to start a new green roof project and want a company that works to the highest standard, offers you a competitive price and will make sure that your new green infrastructure is the best it can be, then be sure to contact us today and see how we can help you.

Not What You’re Looking For? Here Are Some Other Services That We Offer At Protech Roofing

We are delighted to annouce we have won an award for our work at wellington street with bauder.As part of the refurbishment of these city centre offices, an existing podium car park was transformed into a landscaped deck using a hot melt system.
This complex project presented numerous installation challenges. As the existing slab wasn’t level prior to beginning the waterproofing, it had to be flooded with hot melt to ensure an even surface. Existing planters and upstand details also had to be overlaid, outlets replaced, and the system fully sealed.
Located in a busy city centre, the site had restricted access and contractors also had to manage the movement of other trades people across their working area. To overcome this issue, the waterproofing was continuously tested and re-patched. All results were reported to the client to keep them fully informed.

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