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Drone and Roof Surveys

Protech Roofing Drone and Roof Surveys

Every aspect that makes our service the best rests on our ability to recommend and supply a bespoke combination of roofing solutions that work best for your building. We do this through detailed surveying, testing, and analysis of your building. Through these services we can identify:

  • Necessary repairs
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Refurbishment recommendations
  • The suitability of your structure for specific roofing systems such as green roofs

Our promise

At Protech Roofing, we promise to properly assess projects on an individual basis, always keeping your needs in sight. We take our time to ensure your property is thoroughly surveyed and tested allowing us to be certain you are being charged accurately and receiving the most useful information at the end of the process. We provide you with the foundation to make the best possible decisions for changes to your roofing system. This means we minimise all chances for mistakes, saving you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and refurbishments on your new roof.

We will provide you with competitive quotations for any recommended work, whether you have a pitched, flat EPDM, single ply, industrial, or commercial roof. You can guarantee our expert team will have the most suitable solution for you when it comes to installing a cost-effective, high-quality roof.

Drone surveys

As part of our desire to provide you with a service that goes beyond expectations, we incorporate drone surveys into our work. These improve the cost-effectiveness of our services and structural reports, as well as safety benefits. Our drone surveys provide high-resolution inspection images and an easy way to inspect hard-to-reach areas so nothing is overlooked, (See case study).

Quality of service

Protech Roofing promises to deliver a full assessment of the job at hand. We calculate the total costs, from materials to labour to deadlines, to give you a fair, affordable price that reflects the standard of our materials, installation, and assessment services. Everything is detailed and presented in a clear, accurate, final report to ensure complete transparency in our surveying, testing, and costing process.

When you use our expert service, you aren’t only investing in the latest roofing technology and our expertise, you are investing in quality. It is always useful to consider long-term cost savings when calculating the cost-effectiveness of your roofing investments. Our durable, high-tech, high-quality materials come from industry-leading suppliers and help you save on future maintenance, repairs, replacements, and energy bills.

When it comes to surveying a potential job, Protech Roofing will do everything by the book. You are our priority, and we always deliver a product and service that pays off in the long run. Our accreditation’s and over 20 years of industry experience mean that you can have the peace of mind that we will do a fantastic job, so get in touch with us today on 0113 2040274 to find out more about our services.

What are the benefits of a drone roof survey?

We believe in keeping up with technology here at Protech. We believe in harnessing new advancements to make our work more efficient. One of the advancements that we have fully embraced is using drones to complete comprehensive roof surveys. What are some of the benefits?

Reduced Risk

Roof inspections and surveys can inherently carry some degree of risk with them. Older buildings, in particular, don’t always have accessible roof areas, and older material might be weak and compromised. Drones allow you to complete a straightforward and comprehensive survey without putting anybody at risk.

Saves Time and Money

Drones can access areas that are hard for people to physically reach, and can quickly locate the source of problems when an issue is apparent. Drone surveys don’t require the team to erect platforms or scaffolding, and there is no additional manpower needed to complete the survey. Drone surveys are also very accurate and are more likely to provide a clear assessment quicker.

Less Disruption

A drone survey is very unobtrusive and doesn’t require other work in the building to come to a halt. Usually, when a roof survey is completed, the building needs to be closed temporarily. Instead, drone surveys can allow work to continue while the building is assessed.

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