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Hot Melt Waterproofing

Hot melt is “In Vogue” with specifiers for commercial flat roofing projects where the roof interfaces with other trades, green roofing, living gardens ……or has lots of foot traffic after the installation, due to the design and construction of the building.


  • Monolithic waterproofing.
  • A ‘live’ membrane during its lifespan.
  • Durability to match or exceed building lifespan.
  • Extreme flexibility.
  • No falls required.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Ideal for storing materials on during the construction process.

A long-lasting solution

Hot melt roofing systems have a ‘live’ membrane, meaning they can self-heal any minor penetrations and cuts. This is partly why hot melt roofs are so long-lasting and cost-effective, as you can expect little to no future replacement costs once they are installed.

Our products

Protech Roofing works with the best suppliers in the industry, allowing us to provide a top-class service from day one. Our suppliers include Bauder, IKO, among many others who offer a wide variety of hot melt solutions, there is always one that is perfect for you. Our suppliers design their hot melt systems to provide longevity, flexibility, waterproofing, and easy installation. The team at Protech Roofing use their knowledge to match your project with the best solution.


Hot melt roofing is viable on roofs that can bear the weight of 95 to 140kg/m2. It’s installation requires the consideration of insulation, wind conditions, drainage and overflow, why you need a professional contractor like Protech Roofing. Protech Roofing’s installation specialists have been through extensive training in the installation of hot melt systems and can provide you with the best solutions to fit your individual needs. As approved members of the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) you can have peace of mind that your roofing is in safe hands.