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Hot Melt Waterproofing

What Are The Benefits Of Hot Melt Waterproofing?

Hot melt waterproofing has become incredibly popular over the last 20 years or so. It’s a unique and incredibly versatile roofing solution that comes with a range of benefits – it’s a solution that we install a lot here at Protech. Hot melt roofing systems work by applying a self-healing membrane to your roof. This is created by applying a hot liquid directly to the pre-prepared structural surface. This allows it to be a fully bonded monolithic system that is flexible and versatile, able to be used on any building. It adjusts to the shape of a building and creates an incredibly efficient and effective waterproofing system.


The benefits of hot melt waterproofing include:


-Monolithic waterproofing

-A ‘live’ membrane during its lifespan

-Durability to match or exceed building lifespan

-Extreme flexibility

-No falls required

-Fire resistance

-Ideal for storing materials on during the construction process



Here at Protech, we have long-standing and close partnerships with some of the best suppliers and providers in the industry. Our suppliers include IKO and Bauder, providers on top quality hot melt solutions. This gives us access to a wide range of fantastic and impressive hot melt installation options when it comes to providing the roofing for our customers. With partners such as IKO and Bauder, Protech Roofing can offer you a long-lasting, flexible and versatile waterproof solution for your roof – installed by an expert team of experienced professionals.


Why Is Hot Melt Waterproofing So Effective?

Hot melt roofing is designed to be incredibly long-lasting – surviving as long as the building itself. Its surface is tough and very resistant to impact damage, which is because of its unique self-healing properties. This is possible because of the way hot melt bonds fully to the structure – this avoids the change of water tracking and allows minor penetrations to be self-healed. 

Hot melt waterproofing can also be laid down in temperatures as low as -10°C, which is much lower than the temperature at which most flat roofing can be installed. This allows the hot melt to be installed during the winter and in particularly harshly cold environments. It’s also extremely resistant to rain, snow and frost immediately after installation, with high tensile strength making it an exceptionally tough and resistant roofing solution. 

One of the reasons that the team here at Protech love hot melt waterproofing such is because of its eco-friendly nature. There’s no packaging to dispose of when installing hot melt, so there’s no wrapper or plastic waste to worry about. Not only this, but hot melt roofing is also very easily recycled – making it completely environmentally friendly. You won’t need to worry about the environment with this non-polluting solution – making it a great option for those of us who are environmentally conscious. 

It’s also a very robust system, which allows for high footfall and traffic. If you want to make your roof a living, usable environment, you might find hot melt waterproofing to be an excellent choice. It’s perfect for green roofs and water features thanks to its waterproofing, durability and versatility. 


Our products

Protech Roofing works with the best suppliers in the industry, allowing us to provide a top-class service from day one. Our suppliers include Bauder, IKO, among many others who offer a wide variety of hot melt solutions, there is always one that is perfect for you. Our suppliers design their hot melt systems to provide longevity, flexibility, waterproofing, and easy installation. The team at Protech Roofing use their knowledge to match your project with the best solution.



Hot melt roofing is viable on roofs that can bear the weight of 95 to 140kg/m2. It’s installation requires the consideration of insulation, wind conditions, drainage and overflow, why you need a professional contractor like Protech Roofing. Protech Roofing’s installation specialists have been through extensive training in the installation of hot melt systems and can provide you with the best solutions to fit your individual needs. As approved members of the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors), you can have peace of mind that your roofing is in safe hands.


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Is Hot Melt Waterproofing Right For You?


Is hot melt waterproofing right for your roof? It can be hard to tell, and our job here at Protech Roofing is to make sure that you have the exactly the right solution for your job. Hot melt roofing is cost-effective, durable and versatile, but in which cases is it best? 



  • Concrete decking – Need to waterproof a concrete deck? Hot melt waterproofing might be the perfect roofing service for you. Hot melt roofing is quick and easy to install and fit, giving you an incredibly quick solution. You won’t need to drill into the concrete in order to install any fixings, and it cures incredibly quickly so there’s no need to install an additional vapour membrane. Hot melt waterproofing is frequently used for concrete surfaces such as residential terraces, retail and shopping centres, commercial offices, and many other buildings. 




  • Projects with strict time or budget constraints – Every project needs to be planned and delivered to a specific budget and timeframe, but we understand that issues can occur and solutions need to change. If you find yourself with a project that is running out of time or money, hot melt waterproofing can be an absolute lifesaver. Hot melt removes the need for tapered and screed installations, cutting a huge amount of time out of the process. On a strict timescale, fast curing hot melt saves installation time. Also, because hot melt can be installed in temperatures as low as -17 degrees Celsius, winter installation is an additional option. Because of the speed and versatility of hot melt waterproofing, we’ve seen it become an incredibly popular roofing solution. 




  • Want a completely flat roof? – No matter what kind of roof you’re hoping to install, it’s important that you think seriously about what kind of drainage you’re going to have. This can sometimes be an issue with flat roofs, where finding proper falloff can be problematic. Depending on your size and space restrictions, drainage can be difficult and can force developers into choosing a roofing solution that is entirely flat. This is where hot melt waterproofing can really shine. Whereas most waterproofing solutions need at least some minimal drainage falloffs in order to comply with BBA certification and other necessary regulations and codes of practice, hot melt can make sure no falls are needed, allowing your roof decking to be perfectly flat. If planning considerations are going to restrict your building height, then hot melt waterproofing is a fantastic solution for situations like these. 




  • You need a flat roof that you know is going to last – When you choose a hot melt waterproofing solution, you’ll benefit from the fact that the membrane is fully adhered to your roof decking. This means that not is your roof and building covered and protected from harsh weather conditions, footfall and mechanical damage, but it’s also protected in case of damage. If your hot melt roofing does sustain damage, it will prevent water from escaping through the damage and in general repairs are incredibly quick and easy to make. 



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