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Howley Park Inspection

Case study: Drone roof inspection at Howley Park

There are many reasons why our clients call us to carry out a roof inspection. Maybe the roof needs refurbishments and fixing or perhaps they’re looking to replace the roof. On Howley Park Road, our client required our drone survey services to help with a lease negotiation.

Location: Howley Park Estate, Morley, England

Date and time: 21st April 2019, 11 a.m.

What we did

We brought our drone team out to Howley Park Estate in Morley because drone surveying is the most effective and efficient way to survey a roof. Our duty was to inspect all roof areas, roofline installations, and roof/penetrations. On many roofs, these areas are often inaccessible, but our drone surveys allow us to inspect these places without the use of disruptive scaffolding or endangering our team and our client’s property. As a result, we could report any defects that may cause water ingress and come up with a course of action.

What were the challenges?

It was important that our team was as accurate as possible because our client was relying on our work to settle a lease disagreement. Protech Roofing has Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) for using a multi-rotor unmanned aircraft. This means we can use drones as a part of our surveys without running into legal issues. And our drone operations are fully covered by insurance which complies with EU regulations. As a result, we could assure our client they could use our services to gather specific and accurate information about the state of their roof.

Our drones capture high-resolution still imagery much faster and from clearer angles than images taken by people at roof level. They capture up to 1080 pixels, or 4K video footage, so we minimise the risk of mistakes to our client, ensuring a quality service.

The results

Because we didn’t need to use scaffolding, we completed the survey on the same day with no disruption to business operations. We found several issues with the roof at Howley Park Estate including:

  • Areas where the installation does not match current codes of practice
  • Damage to the flat roofing membrane
  • Ineffective previous repairs
  • Extensive wear
  • Debris and vegetation which could lead to drainage blockages

After receiving our final report, our client could highlight the resultant issues to the landlord to receive a fair price on their lease, saving their business hard-earned cash.

Drone surveys are fast, efficient, and accurate. Protech Roofing carries out these surveys according to vital regulations imposed by governing bodies with experienced staff to ensure you can put your trust in us. If you are interested in a modern approach to roof surveying, get in touch with us today on 0113 204 0274.

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