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Kirkgate Market

Kirkgate Market Roof Refurbishment – Leeds

When the roof on Kirkgate Market, Leeds, was in need of a replacement, the main contractor Interserve came to Protech Roofing. Here we undertook one of our biggest single contracts for Leeds City Council.

Work value: £1.4 million

Project details
•    Sarnafil 1.5 with a protective layer
•    Mansafe system
•    Full associated works – joinery, metalwork, North-lights

What we did
The refurbishment of Kirkgate Market roof is a story of both partnership and problem. Rising to the challenge, as part of a collaborative approach, Protech Roofing and Sarnafil delivered an exemplary solution, which allowed the market to continue trade without disruption.

The project management on site said: “Protech Roofing showed outstanding levels of proactive problem solving and integrity throughout the project. The Sika Sarnafil membrane has given the market a smart, clean finish with the durability to keep the building weatherproof for years to come.”

The original specification required the existing felt waterproofing to be removed back to the metal decking. However, we had to adapt and overcome as this would cause a substantial disruption. There was also no guarantee of a watertight building until the Sarnafil membrane was installed. As a solution, we recommended a mechanically fastened system that would be overlayed onto the existing substrate.

The 9-month project and collaborative approach throughout all four seasons, saw the project through without the waterproofing ever being compromised, irrelevant of the rain showers and soaring temperatures over 27°C.

We noticed from the start that certain parts of the roof structure were weak and would not support heavy loads without help. As a result, waste removal and new materials had to be moved and placed strategically to avoid any issues. We hoisted materials carefully during windows of opportunity to avoid causing a disturbance.

We fixed Sarnatherm insulation boards mechanically into the existing roof. We then put down a primer and self-adhesive VCL layer (Sarnavap 5000E SA).

The installation of the Sarnafil S327-15EL light grey membrane with stainless steel fixings created a watertight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing finish. Sarnafil was choosen over felt as no naked flame was required. This was an essential safety consideration as the market suffered from a terrible fire back in 1975.

Six roof lights were replaced with SarnaLites, placed close together in rows. Once the existing roof lights were removed and replaced with new ones, the Sarnafil upstand was then installed. The job was conducted at night, during the same shift to limit any disruption.

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