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Lead has proved time and time again to be a popular choice for slating and tiling systems. Several of it’s properties lend itself well to roofing, from it’s durability to the minimal impact on the environment. Myths that leadwork has a short life-span are more a reflection of poor craftsmanship rather than the suitability of this material for roofing, so don’t worry if leadwork is what you need – Protech Roofing has you covered.


Protech Roofing’s experts are well versed in the application of leadwork and make sure every step of the installation process is carried out with attention to detail. Their attentive nature ensures there are no problems further on down the line. If leadwork is carried out poorly, it can lead to rusting and breakage, and leaves your property exposed to the harsh effects of weather, damage and pests.

Always a practical solution, especially for flat roofs, our leadwork is always carried out with the utmost care. When sealed properly, lead roofing is watertight adding to it’s long shelf life. When properly installed by our team, your leadwork could last up to 100 years with the correct maintenance. This explains its popularity in centuries-old buildings and churches.


Lead is specified on most listed buildings, Protech Roofing have the experience to work with you to ensure our glorious heritage is preserved, but so is your budget.

Reliable Lead Work

Lead work is great for giving your roof improved water damage prevention, acting as a fantastic barrier between your building and the outside elements. Lead is a very durable material that has been used as a core material in roofing for centuries. Not only is it a durable material with great resistance to the elements, but it’s also resistant to some levels of corrosion. Lead even offers improved heat and sound insulation.

Recyclable Lead Work

Lead actually has one of the highest recycling rates of any material on the planet. It’s certainly one of the most recycled metals, beating even the likes of aluminium, copper and zinc. If you’re environmentally conscious and would like a sustainable roofing solution you can be proud and guilt-free about, then lead work is a great option for you. Not only can lead reduce carbon emissions, but its natural properties make it an attractive option for roofing of all kinds.

Supple and Flexible Lead Work

Another great thing about lead as a roofing material is that it has much better flexibility than most other materials. Lead can be shaped, bent and fashioned into whatever unique form your roofing project requires. This means that lead is never restricted by the shape of the roof. This kind of treatment also doesn’t compromise lead’s toughness and robustness.

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Our staff are experienced problem solvers, and we are proud members of the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors). We promise to deliver a high-quality service that will keep your building’s dry without leaving you high and dry.

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