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Manchester Arena

Manchester Arena Roof Refurbishment – Manchester

When one of the UK’s busiest and best-known concert venues needed a roof refurbishment, the operators, SMG Europe, turned to Protech Roofing to deliver.

Work Value: £255,000

Project Details

  • Full roof refurbishment
  • Construct new parapit detail to fully encapsulate with Sarnafill membrane
  • Sarnafil membrane mechanically fixed
  • Direct contact with the client


What we did

When architects need a specialist, they often turn to Protech Roofing for a guaranteed robust single ply installation service. The project presented us with several challenges, however, our experienced team were able to overcome these using our comprehensive technical and industry knowledge, as well as our excellent project management skills.

As the venue was still in use while installation was taking place, we needed to ensure our services didn’t interfere with business as usual and that our installation was as watertight as the existing roof. Detailing the existing walkway posed a challenge as there were solid structural supports in the way. We had to work around the supports; a challenge, but one we were successful at nonetheless.

In three short months, we had completed this project on time to an impeccable standard through our collaboration with the GVA project management team.

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