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Pitched Roofing

What Are The Benefits Of Pitched Roofing?

The roof is definitely one of the most important parts of any building. From the structural support, to protection, to loft space and much more – there’s a lot to think about when it comes to your roof. Here at Protech, we have seen roofing change over the years, with many trends having come and gone over time. When you think of pitched roofs, there’s a good chance you have in mind a slightly more old-fashioned or traditional appearance. But, the fact is that they remain a fantastic solution that is commonly used around the world. Why is that? 

The benefits of pitched roofing include: 


-Thermal insulation

-Long lasting lifespan

-Better loft space

-Energy savings

-Protection against the weather


-Rainwater reuse



Pitched roofs have a very classic look, and are incredibly versatile. You can achieve a number of different looks and styles with pitched roofing, because it can be installed in a number of different shapes and sizes – giving you the opportunity to get creative with the design. 


Installing a pitched roof also gives you the opportunity to blend your building in more effectively into the environment around it. Pitched roofing can help your building to blend with the skyline and neighboroughing buildings – while never compromising the personality of the building. 


We produce and install Welsh and Spanish slate, Burlington slate, York stone slate, concrete and clay tiles, specialist leadwork and more with our pitched roofing. We think that the way your pitched roofing looks is incredibly important, so we always make sure that we use the best materials available to us. 


Thermal Insulation

Pitched roofing can provide excellent thermal insulation for any building. The natural ventilation underneath the top roof layer ensures that you save money and energy on heating and air conditioning during both the winter and summer. 


Pitched roofs are on average around 15% more compact than flat roofs. This increases the thermal insulation due to the fact that there is simply less surface space exposed. 


Long Lasting Lifespan

When produced, constructed and installed to a high standard and quality, pitched roofing is guaranteed to offer a longer lifespan than flat roofing. The materials are generally more weather resistant and hard wearing, and they don’t require the maintenance that flat roofs do. 


Flat roofs often need maintenance of their drainage system to make sure that they don’t leak, but they often require repairs. Pitched roofing, while initially more expensive, requires far fewer repairs – which often makes up for the difference in cost.


Better Loft Space

By their very nature, pitched roofs create more internal space to be utilised. Where a flat roof is simply installed right above the top floor of a building, pitched roofing uses slopes that meet in a peak, offering usable space underneath. This loft area can be used for all sides, from a study, playroom, storage or anything else. 


This means that when designing the roof, you can go ahead and plan a use for this kind of area – a great, flexible and versatile addition to your building. 


Slating and tiling

As specialists in slating and tiling, you can rely on the expert team here at Protech Roofing to undertake a wide range of refurbishment and new roofing projects, we come to the forefront over our competitors on large slate projects that also require extra services, such as lead work, single ply and hot melt. Four different trades, with one single point of responsibility.

We install:

-Welsh and Spanish slate.

-Burlington slate.

-York stone slate.

-Specialist leadwork.

-Concrete and Clay Tiles.

Our team work with developers on potential projects, giving guidance on cost effective solutions so they can manage their budgets before the project starts, a win-win for all. To find out how we can assist you with new pitched roofing projects and refurbishments, get in touch with Protech Roofing today.


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Would you like to make use of all the great advantages of pitched roofing? If you’re planning a building or refurbishment project and you’re interested in installing pitched roofing, please get in touch with us today. Explore your options with Protech and discover how we can help you make the most of your roofing solution. 

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